Monday, September 28, 2009

My First Quilt

My First Quilt

My First Quilt

My First Quilt

Whew!  That was a lot of work.  Finished my very first quilt, and I must say I definitely have a new found respect for quilters!  I have always admired quilts from afar- I love the color combinations, patterns, textures...  This past Spring at Quilt Market I was especially blown away by the talent I saw.

For Fall Market I had to come up with a quilt idea to incorporate my new "Gypsy Garden" fabrics.  Windham even offered to have someone sew it for me, but I wanted to give it a whirl and see what this quilting stuff was really all about.   I decided to go with a "rag quilt" to compliment the distress look of my fabrics and feel of the line.  Now this quilt is not perfect by any means, and I really hope nobody looks at it up close (ha!), but I am so happy I did it.  Big props to youtube instructional videos, Starbucks, and a steady stream of iTunes playlists for getting me through...

Oh, and if you haven't entered the giveaway be sure to do so by Wednesday for your chance to win free stuff...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Flea Market Finds

Flea Market Finds Sept.09

Flea Market Finds Sept.09

Flea Market Finds Sept.09
Some of my recent Flea Market finds...  I'm going to refurbish a lot of this stuff for Quilt Market props for the Windham booth...  Should be a fun weekend ;)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Flower Bucket Giveaway!

It's giveaway time!  I received a small sampling of my "Flower Bucket" collection in the mail this week and couldn't wait to share some with you guys!  The line is set to ship to stores across the country in just a couple weeks, but now is your chance to have some in your hot little hands before anyone else!  There are about 10 fat quarters in the stack and I'm throwing in a matching ring too...

So to enter all you have to do is leave a comment stating one goal you would like to achieve by this time next year.  It could be a big one like "I want to take a cross-country road trip this Spring to celebrate my 30th birthday" (yeah, I really do), or it could be a small one like "I would like to finish the 10 loads of laundry I have piled up by Saturday" (yeah, gotta do that too...).  Big goal, small goal, doesn't matter.  You see, a little over a year ago I left a steady Art Director/Product Design job that from an outsiders perspective probably looked pretty great.  But I wasn't happy.  So I left.  And then I decided I wanted to do something for myself and I wanted to design a fabric collection.  So I put that goal out there and worked my little butt off until I got a deal that is now called "Flower Bucket."  So whatever your goal is- GO FOR IT- you can make it happen!

Comments will be accepted until Wednesday, September 30th and a random winner will be drawn October 1st...


Not sure what is up with Blogger (or maybe it's my blogging skillz), but there has been a comment or two that has disappeared into thin air after I hit "publish."  So if you don't see your comment show up within a day or two please let me know and I will be sure you get added to the drawing.  Just didn't want anyone to think I was ignoring them... and I must say I am really touched by all of the comments so far- YOU guys inspire ME!  Thank you :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nursery Mural

Nursery Mural
Nursery Mural Detail
Whew!  What a weekend!  Took a break today from Quilt Market Madness to work on this mural for my friend's sister-in-law.  I hadn't painted a mural in a while (well this was kind of like painting a mural I guess), but I think it turned out pretty cute!  She wanted me to match it to her baby bedding, so I just did a simplified version of the designs that were on the blankets, rug, lamp, etc.  Oh, and the baby's name isn't really Thomas- just did a little Photoshop action b/c they don't want anyone to know the name until he gets here ;)

Now back to Market Madness...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gypsy Garden

Gypsy Garden by Genevieve Gail
Introducing.... "Gypsy Garden," my new collection for Windham Fabrics!  Here's a little preview of about half of the group- you can see the whole line in a couple weeks if you will be attending the Houston Quilt Market, otherwise look for it nationwide in stores Spring 2010!  Don't want to kill they hype by unveiling so early, but wanted to get the word out to come by the Windham booth at Market if you are interested in carrying this line!

I'm describing this one as a "pretty group of prints with a laid-back bohemian vibe."  As you can see I've always had a little gypsy flair (that's me circa 1987) and I guess some things never change :)...  Anyway, hope you guys like it, I had a great time putting this one together...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mod Podge Rocks!

...and so does the blog that has that name!  The awesome Amy is showcasing my Birds Nest Boxes as her feature project on the site today and I couldn't be more excited!  So go on over there and check out the hundreds of ideas she curates using one of my favorite crafting supplies of all time...

Also, in fabric news, the peeps at Windham have given me the green light to share a sneak peek of my upcoming line "Gypsy Garden"!  I must admit it feels a little crazy getting ready to show a second collection when my first one isn't even in stores yet, but I'm super pumped about this next one...  It's definitely "me"- colors that I love, an eclectic mix of patterns, and the designs have that worn/distressed feel that I use on all of my jewelry.  So... stay tuned...  as soon as I can take a break from getting ready for Market I will share more of things to come...

Genevieve :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Found in the Clearance Bin
Found in the Clearance bin today at Jo-Ann's for $0.50-0.97!  Like I needed more buttons, but they were on Sale so I couldn't pass them up, right?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Quilting Arts Gifts Magazine

Quilting Arts Gifts Holiday 2009-2010
Quilting Arts Gifts Holiday 2009-2010
Okay, so I know I'm totally geeking-out over a little picture, but I was SO excited today when my friend Jennifer wrote me to say she spotted me in the new Quilting Arts Gifts mag!  I absolutely love Interweave publications and looks like my pic (alongside the fab BariJ) is part of an ad for the upcoming "International Quilt Festival Quilt Scene" Magazine (pre-order a copy here).  So cool.  Thanks Quilting Arts!  So who of you out there will I see in Houston?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Gift For a Friend...

Birthday Gift for a Friend
You know that little journal I told you about?  Wrapped it up in some floral inspired paper that I designed and delivered it to the birthday girl today.  And I will say this picture is a hint of things to come... but that's all I'm sayin' till my new collection is up online and I'm headed to Houston...