Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Baby Clothesline Collection for Look Love Send!

Baby Clothesline Collection for Look Love Send
Just wrapped up another set of birth announcements for Look Love Send.  I really like the way this collection turned out, so sweet :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Little Cupcake Collection for Look Love Send!

Little Cupake Collection for Look Love Send
Introducing my "Little Cupcake" collection for Look Love Send!  There are customizable birthday invitations, gift enclosures, and place card holders.  I setup this card as a 1st birthday invite, but on the website you can customize it to any year you would like :)

I've also been steadily working on Christmas/Holiday cards as well as two new wedding sets so I hope to do a proper post on those soon when they are all uploaded and ready to view!

As always, if you guys have any feedback or are looking for particular themes/designs I would love to hear it!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rock Jumping

Last week I headed out with some girls that I work with to Lake Oconee.  Jumping off a huge boulder seemed like a fun idea until I actually got up there and looked down!  It's amazing that the little kids in the area were jumping off left and right with absolutely no fear and all of the 20 and 30 somethings were total chickens!  Part of me wishes I still had that "no fear" attitude- I tried to conquer it but I was still totally scared!  Sometimes you just gotta JUMP!

Saturday, August 20, 2011


This November the Hubs and I will be celebrating our 5 year wedding/10 year together anniversary!  It has really flown by, lemme tell ya!  We are in desperate need of a vacay and this seems like a great milestone to take advantage of and go somewhere we've never been before.   Not to mention our honeymoon was a total bust considering I got the flu the ENTIRE week were in Costa Rica followed by another week of an allergic reaction due to lobster that I ate on the last day of our trip.  So, we basically need a "redo" and have been pondering where to go on our next adventure...

Anyway, we don't have a lot of time off of work so it's going to be on the short side- 4 nights/5 days tops,  which puts Cali/Out West off the list because of travel time (just saw Josephine's post on the Grand Canyon and it looks awesome- def. on my bucket list).  Right now we are currently talking about Puerto Rico- relatively cheap flights, super cheap hotel rooms, USD currency, and you don't need a passport.  We are still open to ideas though so I wanted to throw it out there and see if y'all had any suggestions!  Are there any places you guys have been that you would recommend?


Friday, August 19, 2011

Elephant Parade Collection for Look Love Send!

Elephant Parade Announcements and Invites

Elephant Parade Announcements and Invites

Good morning!

Just wanted to share a new baby collection, "Elephant Parade" that I finished up for Look Love Send.  There are baby announcements, shower invites, placecard holders, gift enclosures, and thank you notes in blue, pink, and green.  More designs with my fabulous licensing partner coming soon!

Have a great weekend,

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Owl Lockets

My New Owl Lockets

My New Owl Lockets

My New Owl Lockets

My new owl lockets are now in the shop!  They feature a painting I did a few months back for Surtex and there are 3 different bead options to choose from.  The locket is a real functioning piece so you can add your favorite pictures to the inside.

Speaking of painting, I have a project for a client that requires a few matching pieces to go with this owl.  I love to paint but just haven't been able to make the time lately to do it.  So... my goal is to make this project a top priority for next week.  I've got some new tunes so that always inspires me to get the paints out too :)

Vetiver's new album is great.  This song has been on repeat for the end of Summer...

And Foster the People is one of my new faves.  This song has been making it's rounds on the airways but the whole album is really really good.  They kinda sound like if MGMT and Reptar had a baby...

Hope you're enjoying the last few days of Summer :)


Monday, August 8, 2011

Harmonica Necklaces Now in My Shop!

Harmonica Necklaces!

Harmonica Necklaces!

Harmonica Necklaces!

Finally!  My harmonica necklaces are now posted in my Etsy shop!  Get 'em while they're hot... :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Pal, Libby

Skirt by Libby

Baby Shoes by Libby

Pillow by Libby

Long time, no blog post!  I wanted to share some treasures that my friend Libby, aka Daisy Doodles,  made out of my Gypsy Garden fabric!  We did a little trade around Christmas time and in exchange for some of my fabric I received the prettiest scallop scarf.  Can't wait till it starts cooling off and I can wear it again!  Anyway, Libby has gottten the sewing bug (yay!) and recently sent me these pictures of what she decided to do with her fabric stash.  Cute, right?

Oh, and a few of you guys have asked about the harmonica necklaces- I just made a fresh batch and will have them in my shop ASAP- my apologies for the delay, too many projects going on the past couple of weeks!


Monday, August 1, 2011

The Georgia Theatre is Back in Business!

the final countdown
Photo by Ryan Myers

I'm SO freakin' excited for tonight.  Brian and I are going to see The Glands play at The Georgia Theatre's grand opening!  For those of you who aren't from Athens, a fire destroyed the local music venue and it has been a long road to get it back up and running.  I have tons of great memories from the Theatre and seen a lot of incredible shows there... In fact, my Mom tells the story of how my Dad made her go to a Mother's Finest concert when she was pregnant with me back in 1979/80 so I guess you can say I've been rocking out there since before I was born!

The Theatre has so much history and a lot of great bands got their start there.  Here are some excerpts from  an article by Sam Smart (one of the partners that originally opened the Georgia Theatre as a music venue) and some of the epic events that happened back in the day...

Once we were doing a band called the Nighthawks. We generally booked them about once a quarter on a Thursday night. We'd pay them $400 for one show, sell about 400 tickets at $4 each and have a very good night. On the Wednesday afternoon before this particular Thursday concert, I was just getting ready to leave the office when the phone rang. The caller asked me if the Nighthawks were playing the next night. When I told him they were, he asked if he could come jam with them. I asked him who he was and he said, "Gregg Allman." Well, Gregg Allman was a pretty famous guy in those days, not only because of his band, The Allman Brothers, but he was also married to Cher. So I asked him how much he wanted. He said he didn't want any money and he'd bring his own equipment and crew; he'd just heard the Nighthawks were hot and he wanted to play with them. I told him I'd see him the next day. After I hung up, I grabbed a blank piece of paper and wrote:
Gregg Allman

and The Nighthawks
The Georgia Theatre

Two Shows, tickets $8.00
Then I ran across the street to Copies Unlimited and made 2000 copies. The next morning, early, I grabbed a few guys from the Phi Delt house, headed to the parking lots on campus and put those fliers on every windshield until we ran out. We sold out both shows.
• • •
In the late '70s, the B-52s were just forming. They would come to the Theatre and say, "Smartt, you need to hire us to play here, we're going to be superstars!" I'd look at them with their crazy clothes and makeup and red and purple hair and tell them, "No way."
Finally, one day they came by and told me they had an offer I couldn't refuse. They would pay us $150 to play the theater, provide all their own sound and lights, all the crew to set up and tear down and even handle the promotional expenses. They'd take the door and we'd take the bar. We did it, it was a great show, a huge crowd, a win for the B-52s and us, and the next week they went to New York and signed their first record deal featuring a tune they had played at the theater, "Rock Lobster." 
• • •
Another time, I got a call from a promoter who said he had this hot new band coming to the U.S. for the first time. They were going to be playing in Atlanta on the weekend, and he wanted them to play our place the Thursday before. I'd never heard of them, and initially the guy wanted way more than we could afford. Eventually we settled on a deal where we would pay them $400 and they would bring their own sound equipment and set it up and tear it down themselves. The afternoon of the show these three guys, all about my age, showed up in a Volkswagen bus packed with sound equipment and instruments. They were all nice guys, and I ended up spending the afternoon helping them unload and set up. When they did their sound check a few hours before the show, I was pleasantly surprised. One song in particular sounded pretty good. It was called "Roxanne." The three guys were Sting and the Police.

So let the Georgia Theatre Marathon begin! The Glands tonight, Big Boi next Thursday, and Drive-By Truckers next Friday! (and definitely a few more shows squeezed into the months ahead- woot woot!)

Shake what Yo Momma gave ya ;),