Sunday, November 25, 2012

Stamp Designs for Studio Calico

Hey Guys!

I'm still in the middle of home renovations/moving (more on that later...), but finally got the ol' computer hooked up yesterday so thought I'd stop in for a quick hello ;).  It's sort of been nice taking a little internet break but it definitely feels good to be back!

I also wanted to share a few pics of some freelance work I did recently for Studio Calico (images via their website).  I designed the stamps, and it was a really fun project to work on.  It was kind of neat the way the whole thing came together- I actually went to high school with one of their designers, we reconnected recently, they were looking for a stamp designer, and voila!  A new partnership was born...  Cool, huh?!  Not to mention I love anything having to do with crafts, and designing products for creative people is always a plus...  It's really neat to see how people take the products I design and put their own spin on it to create something totally different and unique!  So, if you like crafting/scrapbooking definitely check out Studio Calico because their products are super cute and they are a really nice group of people to boot ;)

Ok, well back to painting/installing floors/moving/decorating...  Will try and have some progress pics for you soon...



Thursday, September 27, 2012

Moving/Bloggin' Break

Hi Guys!

Just checking in real quick before I head out...  The home we have lived in and loved for the past 9 years will be locked up and passed on to it's new owners come tomorrow morning.  I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little sad about leaving our first home, there are tons of great memories here, but I have to stay focused on our new and exciting adventure ahead!  I'm looking forward to more space and a larger, separate-from-the-house art studio!!!  So freakin' pumped about that...  Anyway, we will have about 6 weeks before we can settle into the new house, so we will be staying with my parents during October/First of November.  They do not have internet (what?!) so things here in blogland will probably be kind of quiet for a while...  but I hope to come back with tons of exciting stuff to share with you guys!  So don't forget about me, k?  I will be taking the down time to work on a lot of DIY projects and redos so I'll be sure to take lots of pictures...  In the meantime I will still have access to Instagram (username: genevievegail) and Pinterest through my iphone so I would love to keep up with everyone over there... :)

Lots of love and see you in November,

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Women of UGA Luncheon - Art and Licensing Talk

Last week I had the honor to speak at a Women of UGA luncheon about my career as an artist and the process of art licensing.  Overall it was a really great time and I got to meet some really interesting women from the community.  At the end of my talk their was a little Q & A and I was asked for resources on how to get into art licensing.  I get asked this question quite a bit, and while my entire story and advice on the topic is a little lengthy, I wanted to share my top 2 websites that I find helpful in case any you guys are interested as well... This blog is by Tara Reed (the artist, not the actress- ha!) and is really great in my opinion for a wide range of artists.  Whether you are completely new to the licensing game, or have been in it for a while, there are a lot of good posts on different licensing topics as well as the Ask Calls that are very informative.  Tara also has quite a few ebooks, and although I haven't personally used any of these, they seem like they would be a good resource for people just starting out... is a blog by artist Monica Lee that immediately became one of my new favorites.  Monica interviews women from all segments of the art world and it is so fascinating to hear people's journeys and how they became successful...  Even though each story is different they all have a common thread- hard work, perseverance, and passion for their art.   Not everyone is an immediate success, and most people have to go through hurdles along the way to get to where they want to be in life - sometimes it is good to hear that!  Blogs tend to show the shiny/new/glossy side of things so I always find the back story much more interesting!  The interviews usually last 30-45 minutes, so I think they are great to listen to when I'm working on technical files/uploads/or just need a little inspiration/motivation.

So there you have it, just 2 little tidbits of information that may be helpful if you are thinking of branching out into this crazy art world!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sophia Collection for Look Love Send

Sophia Collection

Introducing my latest line of custom baby announcements, shower invites, and thank you notes for Look Love Send.  You can find sweet Sophia here...


Monday, September 3, 2012

Random but Awesome

While taking a work break this afternoon (stamp and invitation designs on the "to do" list today!  Yeah, I know it's a holiday, but such is the life of a freelancer/licensed artist I suppose... hahaha), I came across one of the best/most awesome/random things I've seen in while...  Just had to share...

Happy Labor Day,

Friday, August 31, 2012

New Jewelry for Widespread Panic!

Widespread Panic Owl Necklace

Widespread Panic Bird Necklace

Widespread Panic Guitar Necklace

So..... I'm pretty excited to share the new necklaces I just wrapped up for Widespread Panic!  It was a great project to work on since it combines 2 of my favorite things- jewelry and music!  I modified the scale of my owl and bird designs and added "WP" to the centers.  I also added a little guitar into the mix...  I'm very happy with the way these turned out and I hope the fans love them as much as I do!  I feel like a lucky gal to have had the opportunity to work on this project, it's definitely been one of my favorite jobs yet ;)

Have a great weekend,

Friday, August 10, 2012

Fun Friday

1.  I was at the Widespread Panic offices earlier this week (working on new merch designs that I can't wait to share with you guys!) and I was told that they started a "Little Wranglers" photo album on their Facebook Page.  The owl shirt has done really well and they have now expanded into tiny tees and onesies for all those lil' Rock Tots out there!  How cute is that?!  Get 'em while they're hot... :)

2.  A little Space Wrangler of course, also in honor of tonight's "We Miss You, Mikey" show at the Georgia Theatre

Hope you have a great weekend,

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fun Friday and a Giveaway Winner!

So... I kinda fell off the face of the earth for a while, mah bad!  Between the Atlanta Gift Show, Extreme Work Overload, and trying to sell/buy a house, to say I've been stretched thin lately would be an understatement...  Ready to get back on track...  :)

So let's get down to business, shall we?  Fun Friday (a day late) and the Mod Podge Giveaway Winner (finally)!

1.  Congrats, Aimee from Vintage Radness!  You win the awesome box 'o Mod Podge loot!!!  Be sure to email me your addy so I can mail your prize...  Thanks to all of you who entered, it was a lot of fun seeing what crafty things you guys are up to this Summer :)

2.  Lovin' "Hard Way Home" off Brandi Carlile's new album.  It's a good Summer-Driving-Rolling-Down-the-Windows-Song.

Hope you guys are having a great weekend!


Friday, July 6, 2012

Fun Friday

1.  So every year we take my MIL to see a Cirque du Soleil show for Christmas.  It's always a great time- the music, the lights, the costumes!!!  Designing the outfits for those amazing performers must be one of the coolest job ever- talk about creativity- I am always blown away by what they come up with!  And the performances and acrobatics are truly amazing...  Well this year we had to wait a few extra months to cash in my MIL's Christmas gift so that we could see the Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour in Atlanta!  It was well worth the wait.  They played most of MJ's hits, the costumes didn't dissapoint (the L.E.D. track suits the breakdancers wore were awesome and changed colors with the music!), and even though our seats were waaaaaaay in the back we were still able to see most of what was going on.  Tried to take some pics but they just turned out as fireball blurbs for the most part.  Anyway, if you ever get the chance to see a Cirque show definitely check it out!

2.  This song kicked off the show and pretty much sums up the past few weeks and definitely the week ahead as I'm getting ready for the Atlanta Gift Mart, "Got me Working Working Day and Night... Got me Working Working Day and Night... I'm so tired now..."  Ha!


P.S.- Going to draw a winner for the Mod Podge Giveaway next week too so stay tuned!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Fun Friday

1.  Upcycled scent diffuser turned bud vase
2.  An oldie-but-always-a-goodie from Robert Earl Keen.

Happy Weeknend,

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Keep Truckin'...

Man, there is a lot going on around here lately...  Some good things (cranking out some really cute new designs to pitch at the Atlanta Mart next month!), some really horrible things (finding out a company overseas stole my artwork and has been selling it without my permission.  There is so much I could say on this topic and how I really feel about it, but at this point trying to take the high road and hope we can come to some sort of resolution...), and some things that I'm just trying to go with the flow with...  When I'm feeling stressed out I can always go to my "happy place" by doing something creative.  A good friend recently told me her trick for getting through tough times is to find what makes you happy and to stay as busy as possible doing it.  Simple enough, but a good reminder for me just to keep on truckin' no matter what...  Here's a little glimpse of some projects I've been working on this past week...

A dear friend just adopted a sweet little baby girl so I made her something for the nursery.  This project was fairly simple so if you are ever in need for a baby or birthday gift just round up the following materials and get to Craftin':  wood plaque, wood letter, wood glue, scrapbook paper, coordinating acrylic paint, Mod Podge, sandpaper (or I used my Dremmel), and a metal hook for the back.  I found all of my materials at Michaels and Hobby Lobby with the exception of the paper I printed myself (it's a new design I've been kicking around.  Shady A$$ Pattern Thieves, don't even think about it...)

Plaque for a Friend
I also finished up some new bird necklaces for my shop.  It makes me happy that people still love this necklace.  A lot of my business comes from repeat customers that love their bird so much that they buy one (or two) for their friends!  That makes me feel pretty good about what I do... :)

Batch of Birds
 Oh, and speaking of Craftiness, have you guys seen Craft Wars?  It's Good Stuff.  I mean, it combines two loves of my life:  Crafting and Reality TV.  Tori Spelling is pretty Fab too.  She has a great sense of style, fun personality, throws great parties, and is a total "friend in my head."  Or maybe she's more a "crafty-cousin-twice-removed in my head" since we both have lines out with Darice and had our work shown side by side in the Pulsar booth at Surtex this year- except she's the cool rich cousin that lives in California.  Ha!  So anyway, if you haven't seen Craft Wars yet you should check it out, at least for the gigantic supply wall alone *drool*...


P.S.- don't forget to enter to win the Mod Podge Giveaway!  Contest will be closed in just a couple days...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mod Podge Giveaway Time!!!

So... remember this post when I was telling you about my feature in Amy's new book and how much I love Mod Podge?  Well, the kind folks at Sterling (publishers of the Mod Podge Rocks book) and Plaid (makers of the Podge and all kind of other awesome stuff) have sent me a HUGE box of goodies to giveaway!  I'm not even gonna lie, I'm a little bit insanely jealous because this stash is a crafter's dream come true!

Mod Podge Giveaway!!!

Mod Podge Giveaway!!!

So here are the details:

The book as well as all kinds of Mod Podge supplies- the Starter Pack with all types of finishes (gloss, matte, sparkle, outdoor, and paper), Dimensional Magic (one of my personal faves that I use on some of my jewelry projects), a large Mod Podge Original, a large Mod Podge Antique Matte, a large Mod Podge Wash Out Kids, Brayer, Podgeable Paper and Shapes, Photo Transfer Medium, Glow in the Dark Medium,  I could go on and on...  Oh, and a super cute pink t-shirt to boot!

I'm keeping it simple.  Just leave me a comment about one crafty thing you plan on doing this Summer. Are you going to make some jewelry?  Scrapbook?  Sew something?  Did you find a super cute project on Pinterest that you are just dying to make?  Making a project out of the Mod Podge Rocks book?  It could be anything, but I want to hear about it!  I'm obsessed with all things crafty and want to know what you guys are up to as well!

UPDATE 6/26/12: Sorry, forgot to mention this giveaway is for US residents only as I am absorbing the costs for shipping.  I love all of my international peeps though and will try to do a giveaway in the future that isn't so heavy/bulky/expensive to ship!

I'll keep the comments open until July 1st.  Good luck and remember I will need a way to contact you via email if you win, so make sure your comment links back to your contact info, or if you don't have anything like that set up then please leave your email addy in the comment itself.  If I can't reach you and you don't claim your prize by June 1st the prizes will go to a runner-up.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Fun Friday

Blueberry Pickin' - Watkinsville, Ga

Have a great weekend,

Friday, June 8, 2012

Fun Friday

Fun Friday 06/08/12

Introducing a new blog feature I'm calling "Fun Friday."  It's fun to blog, but hard sometimes to find the time to do it... so... I'm keeping things simple around here and going to pick one of my fave instagram pics from the week and a song I've had on heavy rotation lately.  Kind of a recap of the week and a nice way to ease into the weekend.  Whatcha think?

Also, I'd love any suggestions you may have for music players as well.  I haven't been able to find anything that works yet, so for now I will embed youtube videos until I find a better solution...

Oh, and I wanted to let you know I have not forgotten about the big giveaway that I promised!!!  I'm a bit behind schedule, but to do rainy days and having to head out of town last minute I did not get to post yet like I had planned.  But, looks like sunny skies this weekend so photographing and posting the goods is at the tip top of my list!

Happy Fun Friday!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Enjoy the Ride Pickup Truck Necklace

Owl Tassel Necklace

Be Free Bird Necklace

Bee Charmer Necklace

Feels good to spruce up my lil' Etsy shop!  I have stocked up on some treasures that are perfect for Summer as well as changed the shop banner and styling to a simpler/more streamlined look.  I brought back my best selling Be Free Bird Necklace as well as an oldie-but-goodie Enjoy the Ride Pickup Necklace.  I also threw in a few brand new styles like the Owl Tassel and Bee Charmer necklaces.

The Bee was from a drawing I did a while back that never found his "right fit" on paper.  Then about a month ago I had a special request from a previous customer to do a couple custom bee necklaces and voila!  I converted the drawing into laser cut wood and the Bee Charmer was born!  I liked the way it turned out so much I decided to keep it in my regular rotation :)

Anyway, hope you guys like the Revamp!


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend and the Days Ahead...

Memorial Day Weekend 2012

Hi Guys!

To all of my U.S. peeps, hope you are enjoying the holiday weekend.  Mine has been awesome so far- very relaxing and just what I needed!  Yesterday was the best- Hubs and I decided to have a "Day of Fun"- no plans, no worries, no obligations- we just hit the road to see where it would take us...  We definitely need to do this more often as I tend to view the weekends as time to get stuff done instead of time to regroup.  From here on out I'm definitely going to make an effort to at least have one of these days a month.

I would also like to mention that Instagram might just be my new BFF.  I love me some old-timey camera filters and the instant-no-fuss-posting-feature is definitely a plus.  Here are some pics from the weekend so far...

1.  Hitting the road for the "Day of Fun"

2.  The State Botanical Gardens of Georgia

3.  Neat Things Antique Shop in Carlton, Ga (I tried to find a link to share but the town is so small I can't even find it on google).  This place is a hidden treasure that I had never been to before but I'm so glad Brian and I made the trek out there.  It was full of all kinds of interesting stuff...  I debated back and forth on whether or not to get that Dolly Parton book...  It was quite the gem, but I'm trying to simplify/declutter my life so I had to put her back.  Sorry, Dolly.

After antiquing we drove through Watson Mill Bridge State Park (too hot/crowded to stop yesterday but we hope to go back soon because it's a pretty neat place), ate at one of our favorite taco joints, got some frozen yogurt, and hit the bookstore (I always collect a stack of craft and home mags to read and Hubs goes straight for the golf mags, it works out well for the both of us).  Overall it was a really great day :)

4.  Today we went to our neighbors house for a quick visit.  Those are their donkeys.  Cute, huh?!  Anyway, they had a starter heirloom tomato plant to give us and I just had to laugh when they said it was the "Dolly Parton" heirloom variety!  How ironic :)

5.  Finishing up some jewelry tonight.  Those lil' bees are a custom order that I'm about to ship out.  I really REALLY love the way they turned out and have an extra on hand that I may list in my shop (if I can bare to part with it until I can make some more).  Speaking of my poor neglected Etsy shop, I have been working on some new inventory and plan a revamp/relaunch very very soon!  Yay!  I'm excited.

I have a huge to-do list for the week ahead, and some really fun things coming up!  This post is getting pretty long, so I will save the details for later but I will give you a heads up that one of the things is a HUGE/GIGANTIC/AWESOME giveaway!!!  Check back later this week, you won't want to miss it...

Until then...


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Back from Hangout!

Hangout Music Fest 2012
Back from Hangout!  Good times, good music (the Chili Peppers especially made my weekend/month/year, they were SO great live)... Oh, and that's me and my girl Keri sporting our magical headbands at the Edward Sharpe show.  Yes, I was the craft nerd that brought a glue gun/feathers/sparkles to the beach and have decided that if this whole art thing doesn't pan out I will travel the globe selling custom headbands at musical festivals (kidding.  kind of.)  Anyway, it was really nice to take a break and recharge 'mah batteries, but now it's back to the grind...  Realizing that June is only a week away (what?!), so it's time to hunker down and get ready for the Atlanta Gift Show in July...  Feeling inspired again, so time to break out the paint brushes...


P.S.- I'm now on Instagram under username genevievegail :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Things to pack for Hangout

Hangout Checklist

Headed out to the Hangout Music Fest at the crack of dawn Friday morning!  Cannot wait!!!  Making my list of things to pack...

1.  Super-cute-stitched-up backpack to haul water bottles, towels, camera, keys, etc.

2.  Chunky glitter polish - it's an OPI Kardashian Kolor, don't judge, it's good stuff and will make your nails look like they were painted by a unicorn ;)

3.  L* Space Fringe Swimsuit

4.  Shades (and sunscreen, etc. to beat the heat)

5.  Road Trip "Mix Tape" with diddies from the bands playing at the show to get us girls pumped up for the weekend ahead!

Alabama Shakes Hold On
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros Home
Red Hot Chili Peppers Soul to Squeeze
Steve Winwood Back in the High Life (despite Steve-O rockin' the mullet in this video, the song still remains one of my faves)
Mavis Staples and Jeff Tweedy You Are Not Alone
The Greyboy Allstars Still Waiting
There's a ton of other great bands to mention that will be there but it's getting late and I've got to start packing!

Talk to y'all next week!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mod Podge Rocks Feature!

Mod Podge Rocks Feature

Hey Guys!

I'm so excited about Amy Anderson's new book, Mod Podge Rocks!  I've been a fan of Amy and her blog for a long time now, and a fan of Mod Podge for even longer (full disclosure: I am not getting paid to say any of this, I just really love the stuff)!  It's always been one of my favorite crafting mediums, so I was pumped when I found out my Dress Form and Bird's Nest Boxes would be included in her book.  Thanks so much, Amy, YOU rock!


P.S.- Hubs is having gallbladder surgery Monday (tomorrow) morning so any prayers/good vibes/etc. you could send our way would be much appreciated!!!
UPDATE: Surgery be continued...

Friday, May 11, 2012

To Cleveland and Back... Pulsar and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

So Wednesday I hopped on a plane to Cleveland for my meeting I mentioned a couple weeks ago.  It was awesome.  The people I met with were super nice/creative/fun and I really hope we can partner on some products in the upcoming months...  Can't say much about the details, but overall it went really well and they have even offered to show some of my work at Surtex!  The timing couldn't have been more perfect as I decided not to have a booth this year, but now I still get to have a little bit of exposure at the show in their booth and hopefully some new leads may come of it...  So, if you are at the show, hop on over to the 3 Birds/Pulsar booth #545 and check out what they have to offer :)

Now you may be wondering why I have the pics posted above... Well it turns out that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is also in Cleveland!  I have always wanted to go there as music has always had such a strong influence in my life/work.  I had an hour to kill before I needed to head to the airport, so after my meeting I was offered a ride to the Hall of Fame in their Tuk Tuk!  What?!  Yes, they have their own motorized rickshaw (I told you they were nice/creative/fun people!).  We pulled up to the building and they just so happened to be having a special exhibit on one of my all-time-favorite-favorite-favorite bands, The Grateful Dead.  Such an awesome/random/grateful day...  Thank you, Pulsar!!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

New Paintings and Happy Accidents

Marabelle Paintings Marabelle Paintings
Introducing 2 new canvases I licensed to Oopsy Daisy!  I really love these...  Even though they are intended for Children's art, they could totally be used in a grown-up space.  In fact, they will soon be hanging in my hallway :)

These pieces were a little different for me, as my inspiration didn't start with having a specific image in mind, but rather started with the blank canvases themselves.  I was walking down the aisle at Hobby Lobby and saw these large square canvases and just had to grab them.  I usually paint on a smaller scale so they're easier for me to put directly on my scanner and get ready for product design/reproduction, but in this case I said "what the heck, I'll paint how I want to, and figure out the details later..."  Sometimes you have to strike while the inspiration is hot, right?!

So I had a great time painting, and then had to figure out what I was going to do with the large finished pieces.  I did some research and found a local print shop that does "image capturing"- basically a fancy word for taking a nice high-res picture and putting it on a disc for me.  I then took the files and color corrected them in Photoshop to match my original paintings.  I had the option for the print shop to do the color correcting but it saved money to do it myself (not to mention I'm so picky about color I felt more comfortable doing it anyway).

The whole process worked like a charm and has opened up a completely new world for me and my art!  This was probably something a lot of artists out there already do, and I feel kinda like "duh!" for just now having this a-ha moment, but for me it took stepping outside of my box a little bit to figure it out and apply it to my work.  I'm so glad that I did and now have tons of large-scale painting ideas swirling around in my head!  Don't you just love "happy accidents"?!

Have a great week,

Friday, April 20, 2012

The Month Ahead...

Hi Guys!

Just thought I would check in as it has been a while...  How are you?  Things here have been a little crazy and are about to get crazier within the next few weeks, but always thankful to have work on my plate :)

Some big news is that I decided not to do Surtex again this year.  A lot of the artist blogs I follow are talking about their prep work and getting excited about the show since it's coming up soon, and there is a slight pang of "Did I make the right decision?  Maybe I should have done it again this year..." but overall I feel good about my choice.  Sometimes you just have to listen to your gut, you know?!  It's a great show and I may do it again in the future but this year just didn't seem right for me like it did last year.  Instead my licensing strategy is to single out the companies I would like to work with and pitch collection ideas catered directly to them.  That's really how I have gotten the bulk of my licensing gigs anyway, and for me that just seems to be my best way to work.  More focused, actually :).

So, with that being said, I actually contacted one of the companies on my "dream client" list the other day and now have a meeting in a couple weeks to pitch to them!  I'm very excited about it and I'm going to be working like a mad woman to get this presentation complete.  *Fingers Crossed* it all goes well :).  After that goes down I will be re-packing my bags for a little R&R/Girl Vacay Time at the Hangout Fest!  Cannot wait!  Work hard, play hard, right?!  So that's my next few weeks in a nutshell...  I'll try to get back on the blog soon because I do have a few posts on the backburner I would like to share with you guys...  Until then...


Monday, April 2, 2012

Before and After: Hanging Baskets

Hanging Basket Before

Hanging Basket After

Hanging Basket Supplies

So...putting our house on the market has been a TON of work!  I will say though, that it has been nice to get everything de-cluttered, beautified, and completely organized!

While working on some "curb appeal", Hubs and I hit up the garden center and got some plants for the front and back yards.  To save some money I went with the cheap-o hanging baskets as opposed to the fancier/expensive ones, and just decided to spruce them up when I got home with what I had around the house.  This project was super easy and free to boot!  I used some leftover jute rope from a previous project and busted out my ol' trusty glue gun...  So far the baskets have held up great, so I definitely think I'll be doing this project again...  Next time though I will probably use a wider/chunkier rope- it will save on glue time and stand out a little more too I think...  Anyway, I know this project is too simple to do a step by step, but just thought I'd pass it along in case any of you out there are looking for some inexpensive ideas for your outdoor spaces :)

And here is what we've been scattering around in the other planters and flower beds...
In Progress

P.S.- For my local peeps, let me know if you know of anyone looking for a cute little starter home in Oconee County!