Monday, January 30, 2012

Good Stuff

Good Thing #1:
My trip last week went better than good, I'd actually call it great.  I'm really excited for the months ahead... Working on a 50 item licensed collection that will debut in 2013... I know, it's a whiles away, but I think it will be worth it ;)

Good Thing #2:
Just purchased this poster for my studio...  I think it's very true...
Oh, and speaking of the studio, my chair came in too, it's beyond awesome...

Good Thing #3:
Jessie Baylin's new album, Little Spark is so, so, wonderful.  Her voice is magic and I've had her new songs on repeat for over a week now... It's always nice to have new tunes when working on new projects...

K, well that's it for now...

Have a great week,

Monday, January 23, 2012


Leaving on a jetplane... I'll be back soon... Operation Dream Design Mission in full effect...will have details to share in 2013 (probably this time next year)...this is gonna be BIG!!!  I'm pretty excited...

2012, we are off to an awesome start...


PS- not going to the Bahamas, rather I'm headed North, just using pic from this old post, and yes, still dreaming of warmer weather...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Atlanta Mart Recap

Atlanta Gift Mart January 2012

Atlanta Gift Mart January 2012

I got back from Atlanta a couple days ago, it was a really quick trip.  If anything, the Mart is a super inspiring show to walk.  Floors and floors of new products and designs.  It can actually get to be a little overwhelming- total visual overload after you've walked 18 floors of 3 different buildings full of showrooms.  I barely even scratched the surface- just checked out the major players and made mental notes of what I think I could design and pitch within the upcoming months...  I'm going into 2012 with specific plans in mind and am going to work like a crazy woman to make them happen!

Up there is a little snippet of Oopsy Daisy's showroom.  Although all of the pieces weren't out yet, they now have my whole collection online for sale- woot!

Oh, and my girl Lauren got to see her first licensed product in "real life" at the Mart this weekend too! Yeah Gurrrl!

K, off to put some of these bazillion ideas I have swirling around my brain on paper...


Monday, January 9, 2012

New License with Oopsy Daisy! Sneak Peek

Folklore Canvas Samples
So I just got a visit from the delivery man this morning and look what he brought!  2 canvas samples from a new line I am licensing to Oopsy Daisy!

I guess I should start by saying that Oopsy Daisy has always been on my "dream client" list.  You know that whole thing about wanting to work with companies that make quality products and support their artists?  Yep, that's them, all the way...  I remember always walking by their showroom at the Atlanta Mart and always thinking how bright and fun their products were.  How they worked with so many different artists with so many different styles but somehow it all just worked amazing together.  Anyway, I'm honored to be a part of this new group and can't wait to see the entire collection in Atlanta this weekend (there are owls and butterflies too)!  I'll try to see if I can take a picture there to show you guys when I get back...

Speaking of Atlanta, I still have SO much to do before Friday.  Like, I had a mini panic attack last night thinking of what I have left to finish and only a few days left to get it done.  But it's ok, I think I work best under pressure, and I think that package arrived this morning for a reason.  That little brown box reminded me "you CAN do this!"


Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Space for a New Year

STUDIO Redo Inspiration

Ok, so my last post really got me thinking... I want to redo my art studio.  I need to get rid of a lot of stuff I don't need.  I want a space that inspires me again.  I want a space where I can relax and FOCUS on my work.  I've had a lot of ideas floating around my head for a while, but Pinterest has helped me put them together in a cohesive way.  And then Photoshop helped me make a Mood Board (I forgot how much I like making mood boards!) So... here's what I'm thinking...

FLOORS: Oh pretty, yellow, hand-painted floors, I will miss you, but you gots to go...  After a couple of years my floor looks way more than "weathered" and just plain ol' awful.  I shall replace them with dark cork ("easy" to install, enviro friendly product, nice earthy/antique/warm look, etc.)

WALLS: Since the hand-painted floors are going I would like to do a hand-painted accent wall.  I probably should have learned my lesson from the floor experience but I'm going attempt another large scale painting project since I don't have the budget or want to try and learn how to hang wallpaper.  I think I will make a stencil though, and not to free-hand it.  That might help a little bit, we'll see...

COLOR: I'm sticking to 2 main colors that inspire me most- turquoise and green

ACCENTS: Ok, so I can't believe I did this but I bought that furry desk chair you see up above.  It's borderline crazy person, and my Hubs is probably going to think it's awful, but I just had to have it.  I don't know why, I just did.  The way I see it though I spend countless hours at my desk working everyday so I figured why not get a comfortable/fun chair right?!

So I'm not sure how long this redo will take since I've got some major deadlines I need to be focusing on right now, but my goal is to have my new space done by the end of February.  I think that's pretty manageable, especially if I just to a little bit each week.  I'll keep y'all posted...


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Word for 2012

So a lot of people pick theme words for 2012 and I think that's a pretty good idea.  Just one simple word to remind you of how you want to shape the year ahead.  I picked "Focus" because I think it works side by side with "Simple".  I want to make specific goals, focus on making them happen, and simplify my life by getting rid of all the other junk that is not important.

Find a couple of really great companies to add to my licensing partners list.  When I got into licensing I decided early on that I would like to find a small handful of really great companies to work with instead of getting my work out to as many companies as possible.  I'd like to focus on the partnerships that I feel are not only good financially, but also partnerships that really "get" me and my work.  Companies that make quality products and support their artists.

Get back in to the fabric game.  Man, I miss textiles.  I want to create some awesome new collections and find a fabric manufacturer that thinks they are awesome too...

Surtex.  This one is tricky.  If I'm going to do it again I need to decide, like now...  Doing that show was one of the biggest milestones of my life.  Everyone says it's an investment and that you should commit to it for at least a couple of years, but man, it's expensive.  So, if I'm gonna do it, I gotta go all out and make this year's show even better than the last.  Any of you that have exhibited there before I would love to know your thoughts on this...


I don't really get too personal here on the blog, but let's just say last year had it's moments of good and not-so-good (as I'm sure everyone's did, right?!).  I'd definitely like to simplify my life this year.

I need to cut out clutter and have a simpler, more organized space for my work.
I need to limit going out to eat so much, and have more home cooked meals (healthier and saves $$$)
I need to focus on spending more time with Family and Friends
I need to stop reading so many blogs (seriously, I waste SO much time on the computer).  Does anyone have a tip for this?  Should I just quit cold turkey or limit myself to reading them once or twice a week?
I need to go outside more.
I need to stop letting things bother me so much and FOCUS on the good things I have in my life...

Well, that's about it.  Looking forward to 2012!!!


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 2012
Too tired today for a proper post, but wanted to wish all of you a very Happy New Year!  Hope your 2012 is full of joy and blessings.