Friday, June 29, 2012

Fun Friday

1.  Upcycled scent diffuser turned bud vase
2.  An oldie-but-always-a-goodie from Robert Earl Keen.

Happy Weeknend,

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Keep Truckin'...

Man, there is a lot going on around here lately...  Some good things (cranking out some really cute new designs to pitch at the Atlanta Mart next month!), some really horrible things (finding out a company overseas stole my artwork and has been selling it without my permission.  There is so much I could say on this topic and how I really feel about it, but at this point trying to take the high road and hope we can come to some sort of resolution...), and some things that I'm just trying to go with the flow with...  When I'm feeling stressed out I can always go to my "happy place" by doing something creative.  A good friend recently told me her trick for getting through tough times is to find what makes you happy and to stay as busy as possible doing it.  Simple enough, but a good reminder for me just to keep on truckin' no matter what...  Here's a little glimpse of some projects I've been working on this past week...

A dear friend just adopted a sweet little baby girl so I made her something for the nursery.  This project was fairly simple so if you are ever in need for a baby or birthday gift just round up the following materials and get to Craftin':  wood plaque, wood letter, wood glue, scrapbook paper, coordinating acrylic paint, Mod Podge, sandpaper (or I used my Dremmel), and a metal hook for the back.  I found all of my materials at Michaels and Hobby Lobby with the exception of the paper I printed myself (it's a new design I've been kicking around.  Shady A$$ Pattern Thieves, don't even think about it...)

Plaque for a Friend
I also finished up some new bird necklaces for my shop.  It makes me happy that people still love this necklace.  A lot of my business comes from repeat customers that love their bird so much that they buy one (or two) for their friends!  That makes me feel pretty good about what I do... :)

Batch of Birds
 Oh, and speaking of Craftiness, have you guys seen Craft Wars?  It's Good Stuff.  I mean, it combines two loves of my life:  Crafting and Reality TV.  Tori Spelling is pretty Fab too.  She has a great sense of style, fun personality, throws great parties, and is a total "friend in my head."  Or maybe she's more a "crafty-cousin-twice-removed in my head" since we both have lines out with Darice and had our work shown side by side in the Pulsar booth at Surtex this year- except she's the cool rich cousin that lives in California.  Ha!  So anyway, if you haven't seen Craft Wars yet you should check it out, at least for the gigantic supply wall alone *drool*...


P.S.- don't forget to enter to win the Mod Podge Giveaway!  Contest will be closed in just a couple days...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mod Podge Giveaway Time!!!

So... remember this post when I was telling you about my feature in Amy's new book and how much I love Mod Podge?  Well, the kind folks at Sterling (publishers of the Mod Podge Rocks book) and Plaid (makers of the Podge and all kind of other awesome stuff) have sent me a HUGE box of goodies to giveaway!  I'm not even gonna lie, I'm a little bit insanely jealous because this stash is a crafter's dream come true!

Mod Podge Giveaway!!!

Mod Podge Giveaway!!!

So here are the details:

The book as well as all kinds of Mod Podge supplies- the Starter Pack with all types of finishes (gloss, matte, sparkle, outdoor, and paper), Dimensional Magic (one of my personal faves that I use on some of my jewelry projects), a large Mod Podge Original, a large Mod Podge Antique Matte, a large Mod Podge Wash Out Kids, Brayer, Podgeable Paper and Shapes, Photo Transfer Medium, Glow in the Dark Medium,  I could go on and on...  Oh, and a super cute pink t-shirt to boot!

I'm keeping it simple.  Just leave me a comment about one crafty thing you plan on doing this Summer. Are you going to make some jewelry?  Scrapbook?  Sew something?  Did you find a super cute project on Pinterest that you are just dying to make?  Making a project out of the Mod Podge Rocks book?  It could be anything, but I want to hear about it!  I'm obsessed with all things crafty and want to know what you guys are up to as well!

UPDATE 6/26/12: Sorry, forgot to mention this giveaway is for US residents only as I am absorbing the costs for shipping.  I love all of my international peeps though and will try to do a giveaway in the future that isn't so heavy/bulky/expensive to ship!

I'll keep the comments open until July 1st.  Good luck and remember I will need a way to contact you via email if you win, so make sure your comment links back to your contact info, or if you don't have anything like that set up then please leave your email addy in the comment itself.  If I can't reach you and you don't claim your prize by June 1st the prizes will go to a runner-up.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Fun Friday

Blueberry Pickin' - Watkinsville, Ga

Have a great weekend,

Friday, June 8, 2012

Fun Friday

Fun Friday 06/08/12

Introducing a new blog feature I'm calling "Fun Friday."  It's fun to blog, but hard sometimes to find the time to do it... so... I'm keeping things simple around here and going to pick one of my fave instagram pics from the week and a song I've had on heavy rotation lately.  Kind of a recap of the week and a nice way to ease into the weekend.  Whatcha think?

Also, I'd love any suggestions you may have for music players as well.  I haven't been able to find anything that works yet, so for now I will embed youtube videos until I find a better solution...

Oh, and I wanted to let you know I have not forgotten about the big giveaway that I promised!!!  I'm a bit behind schedule, but to do rainy days and having to head out of town last minute I did not get to post yet like I had planned.  But, looks like sunny skies this weekend so photographing and posting the goods is at the tip top of my list!

Happy Fun Friday!