Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Art Studio Remodel Inspiration

So... I got some really good news from one of my licensing partners last week and it looks like within the next month or so I will finally have the funds/opportunity to remodel my future Art Studio!!!  Heck yeah...  I have pretty much waited my whole life for this moment and busted my tail to get to this point so I'm very excited...  A real-life-grown-up Art Studio...  Don't get me wrong, I had a room in our last house that was definitely a great beginning.  I was thankful to at least have some kind of work area and actually had dreams of fixing it up right before we decided to move.  My main problem was space though, as my projects definitely tended to outgrow the tiny room and overtake other parts of the house for days/weeks at a time...  So, to have a building completely separate from my home where I can detach from everyday stuff and strictly focus on art stuff, as well as have the room to spread out and work on multiple projects at the same time is a dream come true. But... it's definitely going to take some work and time to get there...

Here is the building as it sits now, and below are my ideas for expanding/remodeling...

Pinterest has once again been my go-to for inspiration and I've been a pinning maniac on my Studio board.  So far I've come up with the following materials/colors/textures/accents that I'd like to incorporate into the remodel:

Floor:  Vinacork (cork on bottom, vinyl on top) is what I'm going with for the flooring.  The picture on the Mood Board above "Industrial Metallic" is what it looks like.  Cork is a great insulator and vinyl cleans up nice, so put the two together with an industrial type design/finish and I'm sold!  Actually, I was sold a few months ago when we first bought the house, so I went ahead and pulled the trigger since they were discontinuing this style and put it on Closeout.  Not to mention Hubs and I can also install this ourselves since it's a floating floor and save some cash-ola!

Rusty/Reclaimed Tin:  One of my favorite textures/materials of all time.  I am definitely envisioning rusty tin overhang/awning type things over the door(s).  The question is if I also want to put the tin over the shingled roof to really rust-it-up, or just put the tin on the small awning(s).  And then there is the possibility of a rusted tin wall instead of a rusty tin roof...  How freaking cool would a wall of that be in a studio?  Plus it would be magnetic so it would be functional!  The other plan I had was to just use magnetic chalkboard paint on a wall for a simpler/cleaner working wall but I dunno...  There are a lot of magnetic chalkboard walls out there which I totally love, but the tin would be something different and unexpected.  But will it be too much going on with the industrial floor?  It would only be an accent wall so maybe not...  Hmmm...  Gotta think about this one...  Oh, but I did find a guy in North Carolina that salvages old buildings and barns for a living and said Brian and I can drive up there to get some of his tin!  Road Trip!!!

Lighting:  Chandelier all the way...  I really like the contrast of rusty/industrial looks mixed with sparkly/girly things so I'm keeping an eye out for a bargain stunner piece...

Windows:  The place definitely needs more natural light.  I like the mismatched-window-hodge-podgy look but I don't want it to look too Cray Cray so it will be a fine balance I'm sure...  we have a great place here in Athens called Southern Surplus that has an awesome array of building supplies so I know I'll be visiting them a lot within the next few weeks to sort it out...

Work Spaces:  Hubs and I built a long computer desk thingy a while back out of some file cabinets his work was throwing away and some plywood, so more than likely I'll keep that.  Maybe paint the file cabinets a funky color though?  For my work table I'm going to use the super-awesome one we salvaged from my Dad's barn that I'm going to clean up and add some storage bins underneath.  I'll use this table to spread out projects, paint, work on jewelry, etc. so that will be good...  The last work space I'm thinking about would be a nook...  A little space where I could sit with my sketch book and brainstorm new ideas...  I have to see if I have the room for it, but I'm thinking it would go nicely along the back wall with shelves on either side for my art supplies and samples of my products.  We'll see...

Accents:  I'm thinking vintage accessories as well as accents in my go-to colors (magenta, turquoise, green, etc.) will help pull everything together for that Eclectic/Boho feel that I love :)

Ok, you still with me?  That was a long post!  Would love to hear any input/ideas/resources/etc you guys may have!  I'll keep you posted when all of this officially starts as I'm sure I'll be tracking the process on my Instagram and Facebook.

Talk to you soon,

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Before and After: Paint-By-Numbers Horse Art


As promised, here is a quick look at some other art I just put up in the Guest Room.  I found the cute little paint-by-numbers pieces on Etsy about a year or so ago and just had to have them!  They needed to be funked-up a little bit to go with the rest of the Guest Room vibe, so I grabbed some fabric scraps and got to work.  It was a super easy project- no glue or tools required besides a pair of scissors.  Basically I would just snip a little piece of the fabric to get it started and tear the rest of the strip to get the frayed edge.  After I had my pile of scrap strips, I removed the glass and picture from the frame and began wrapping the bare frame with the fabric.  Once I was done with one strip I would slightly overlap the next strip and continue wrapping.  When I got to the end I simply made a knot on the back to secure it into place.  This way, if I ever want to change up the frame all I have to do is take off the fabric and the frame will be in it's original state.  One thing to note with this project is that the fabric did make the frame thicker, so the glass would not fit back in the frame with the picture, so keep that in mind if you are going to try this out at home.  I actually tried to get the glass back in one of them and it cracked immediately with the pressure, so lesson learned...

Overall this was a super easy, cheapo updo and I'm so happy with the way it turned out!

Now, off to work on some other projects I hope to share with you soon... :)


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Guest Room Hand Painted Wood Sign

Guest Room Hand Painted Sign Guest Room Hand Painted Sign

The Guest Room sign that I've been dreaming up in my head for months is now complete!  I was first inspired by this pin and thought it would be cute to come up with some kind of statement piece to go above the bed.  Not that it needed much more of a statement with my hot pink and gold-y damask wallpaper (LOVE)!  This is definitely my Girly-Girl room...  The one place in the house where I do not have to compromise the decorating decisions with the Hubs.  For the most part we agree style-wise, but he definitely was not feeling the wallpaper AT ALL until recently when he admitted it was "kind of growing on him" ;).

So... I made a template out of poster board, traced it on some plywood, Brian cut it for me with a jigsaw, I made the lettering layout in Photoshop, printed and traced the letters onto the wood, painted, sanded, and voila!  I'm really happy with how it turned out and can't wait to finally have company over!

I've got some other really cute art in the room I can't wait to show y'all too so stay tuned...


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'm on Bravo!


Say what?!!!  No, I'm not really on TV, but one of my designs is!  I'm pretty much obsessed with all the Bravo shows, mah Boo Andy Cohen, and the Housewives, so you know I 'bout jumped outta my chair when I caught a glimpse of one of my gift bag designs on the preview for the new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!  Not sure why Heather Dubrow looks so terrified in this screen shot so I guess I'll have to wait until the April 1st premier to find out...  Anyway, this was an unexpected/fun/awesome surprise, so just wanted to share ;)

This is actually the second sighting this month of one of the collections I did back in my former life as an Art Director/Product Designer for a giftware company.  I posted the pic below on my Instagram feed the other day...  My MIL bought me this balloon for my birthday and she had no idea I had actually designed back in 2004-2005!  So crazy, didn't know this stuff was still making the rounds!



Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Hey Guys!

Just checking in...  I celebrated my birthday last week, which always makes me sit back and reflect on the past year as well as what I want to do with they year ahead.  So I wrote down some goals...  I put some BIG/scary ones on that list - I like to just put it all out there no matter how Cray the ideas may be.  What's that saying about "If your dreams don't scare you then they're not big enough"?  So... we'll see what happens this year...  I'll keep ya posted ;)

* ...and if any of you are sitting there with a big dream on your heart I encourage you to write it down TODAY!  Put it in black and white, in a place where you can see it everyday, and come up with a plan to make it happen!